We specilize in making various kind of Functional Non-woven fabric as per customer need. This fabric is very effective after adding various additive in it. This fabric is balance combination of its application with cost effective as well as eco-friendly and easy to recycle. Below is list of functional non-woven fabric.

GSM Range 15 To 220GSM
Width of fabric 150mm To 1600mm (as per order)
Length of roll 50mtr to 6000mtr (as per GSM & order)
Colour of fabric White, Medical Blue, Sea Green, Black & many more (match as per customer need)
Available in Roll, Sheet-cut, Tube

Types of Fabric:

  • Fire Retardant Non-woven Fabric
  • Antistatic Non-woven Fabric
  • Water & oil repellent Non-woven Fabric
  • Anti-slip Non-woven Fabric

Features of Fabric:

  • It can shrink and carbonize when burning, disengage (Fire retardant)
  • It melt down and drop no thick smoke. (Fire retardant)
  • Stop burning when is off the fire (Fire retardant)
  • Free from static generation (Antistatic)
  • Fabric can be used for protection of Electrostatic sensitive devises. (Antistatic)
  • Treated fabric remains comfortable free movement (for all)
  • Cost effective (for all)
  • Easy to use and handle (for all)
  • User friendly product (for all)

Application of Fabric:

  • Construction
  • Fireproofing and protective cloth
  • Hospital, Supermarket, Hotel, Library.
  • Airline industry, train, bus, ship.
  • Filtration media