Shopping Bags and Packaging

Nonwoven shopping bags are made from our bio degradable PP Spun Bonded fabric produced in house. Hence it is recyclable. These bags can be reused for any number of time. Hence it is more durable. These bags are easy to carry since lightweight and they can be easily foldable.
Non woven bags are more economical, recyclable and reusable.
These bags are mainly used for shopping bags, grocery bags. These bags are available in different types and sizes according to the requirement of clients.

At Dong Viet Phu, we have ultrasonic bag-making machine, automatic silk screen printing machine and sewing department. Thus we can completely control our quality and cost. We are specialized in heat seal bags with 1-2 silk screen printing color. 

Medical, Health and Hygiene Care

DVP non-woven Fabric considering for the high level of hygiene product in the medical sector coupled with the need for hygiene as well as cost-effective yet high quality products. Non-woven fabric have good breathability, flexibility & economical due to this characteristic product is disposable & use and through. Our products are used to produce face masks, hospital gowns and caps, diapers and other medical/health related products. 


DVP also prodvide non-woven fabric specifically used in agriculture field. Some of our main products are 17gsm-23gsm UV Crop cover, Fruit cover, and Banana cover. Our fabric can help to protect crop from direct sunlight, reduce pesticide use, increase yields.