Sidwin Fabric is able to supply various kind of Specialize Laminated fabric required as per customer need. This lamination facilities is special to enhance the Non-woven fabric usage as well as its performance. We are combining Non-woven with various kind of specialize film & other additive to achieve best Product. Below is list of range with us.

Laminated Non-woven Fabric

Product Specification

GSM Range 15 To 150GSM
Lamination GSM 10 to 40gsm
Width of fabric 150mm To 1600mm (as per order)
Length of roll 50mtr to 6000mtr (as per GSM & order)
Colour of fabric White, Medical Blue, Sea Green, Black & 15more (match as per customer need)
Available in Roll, Sheet-cut, Tube
Laminated Non-woven Fabric

Types of Laminated Non-woven Fabric:

  • PP/PE Laminated Non-woven Fabric
  • BOPP& Non-woven Laminated Fabric
  • Sandwich Laminated Non-woven Fabric
  • Woven & Non-woven Laminated Fabric
  • Hydrophilic Non-woven with Polycoat
  • Aluminum foil & Non-woven Laminated Fabric
  • Metallised Non-woven Fabric
Laminated Non-woven Fabric

Features of Laminated Non-woven fabric:

  • Resistance to moisture & UV rays
  • Good strength
  • Liquid repellent
  • Increase strength & life of fabric
  • Water proof advantage
  • Protect from insect
  • Chemical proof
Laminated Non-woven Fabric

Application of Laminated Non-woven fabric:

  • Packing & Shopping bag
  • Roofing Insulation (Building, shed, home etc.)
  • Agriculture tarpaulin
  • Protective cloth
  • Medical disposable
  • Water proofing