Sidwin Fabric is installed special in-house coting plant for manufacturing Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Non-woven fabric. It is offline treatment for better quality control. This fabric first & frequently used for child &famina hygiene, with the latest medical technologies the doctors and the latest state of art hospitals are into using Non-woven fabric which are not only economical & eco-friendly but disposable and fresh to use.

Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Non-woven Fabric

Product Specification

GSM Range 12 To 100GSM
Width of fabric 150mm To 1600mm (as per order)
Length of roll 50mtr to 6000mtr (as per GSM & order)
Colour of fabric White, Medical Blue, Sea Green, Black & 15more (match as per customer need)
Available in Roll, Sheet-cut, Tube
Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Non-woven Fabric

Types of Fabric:

  • Hydrophilic SS Non-woven Fabric
  • Hydrophobic SS Non-woven Fabric
  • Antimicrobial SS Non-woven Fabric
  • Extra Soft Non-woven Fabric
  • Antistatic Non0woven Fabric
Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Non-woven Fabric

Features of Fabric:

  • Light weight and soft feeling
  • Excellent Water absorption
  • Excellent strike through re-wet properties
  • Free from chemical agents
  • Dermatological nature
  • Soft on sensitive skin
  • Ensure comfort wear, dry and safe
  • Excellent run-ability on modern high speed machine
Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic Non-woven Fabric

Application of Fabric:

  • Diaper (Baby and Adult)
  • Face wipes
  • Famina Sanitary Napkin
  • Bed sheets (Hospitals, Railways, and Buses etc.)
  • Spa product
  • Medical Disposable
  • Other hygiene product